Q. What paper do you use?

A. All my images are printed on beautiful fine art paper. Most are printed on Hahnemuhle 100% cotton rag paper and others on Perma Jet fine art paper. I carefully select the paper type to match the image. All the papers I use are of the highest quality. They are archival papers and pigment inks of museum quality and are independently certified to last between 100 and 300 years without fading or degradation. The digital pigment inks are recognised worldwide for their superiority over other print technologies in terms of their wide colour gamut and longevity. The print resolution is such that it can’t be resolved by the human eye. The result is perfectly smooth transitions in tones and shadows.

Q. Do you ship worldwide?

A. Yes, I do. I ship un-framed prints worldwide for no extra charge. The majority of my sales are prints only, due to the cost of shipping large frames. Framed prints are shipped as per the scale of costs set out below. No glass is shipped due to the risk of breakage and the extra weight. A clear acrylic is used instead. The acrylic is optically excellent but is much lighter than glass and will not break. The downside of the acrylic is that it does not last in its perfect condition for many years as would glass but it can be replaced by your local picture framer or glazier at a minimal cost.

10 X 8 8.00 20.00 32.00 32.00
12 X 8 15.00 25.00 35.00 38.00
15 X 12 15.00 25.00 35.00 38.00
18 X 12 15.00 25.00 35.00 38.00
20 X 14 20.00 25.00 35.00 38.00
24 X 14 30.00 35.00 45.00 48.00
24 X16 30.00 35.00 45.00 48.00
24 X 18 30.00 35.00 45.00 48.00
25 X 16 30.00 35.00 45.00 65.00
27 X 20 35.00 45.00 55.00 65.00
30 X 20 35.00 45.00 55.00 65.00

Q. How safe is your website for making payments?

A. Very. We do not directly process or store credit card details on this site. Credit card processing for the store is handled by PayPal. Please note that you can pay with your credit card if you don’t have a PayPal account.

Q. Can I order prints at different sizes than as set out on this website?

A. Yes you can. Send me an e-mail with what you have in mind and I’ll try to accommodate.