About Brian Sheridan

for-webMy passion for photography began many years ago as a young boy. I have fond memories of taking pictures with a little plastic camera while spending the summer months in my grandmother’s home in Co. Donegal. The memory and excitement of collecting the prints at the local pharmacy stays with me to this day. My passion for photography continued with me into later life as I progressed from the little plastic camera to more sophisticated models. I eventually purchased an SLR and a whole new world opened up for me.

I was essentially self-taught, with a little help from reading every photography book and magazine I could lay my hands on. I found that I had taken my photography as far as I could by myself. I could visualise images that I wanted to create but I knew that I was not getting the result that I dreamed of. So in 2002 I went back to college and studied professional photography at Griffith College, Dublin. This resulted in me beginning on a whole new journey. When I graduated I felt that I was now on the path to realising the dream of making images that I had visualised and could now be proud of. Over the years I have ventured into the many photography genres, from portraiture to commercial to fashion but my true love lay with Landscape, Seascapes and Urban.

I am truly blessed to be in living in Ireland, such a beautiful country. For me to put on my hiking boots, load up my camera equipment and head out to places like Connemara, Donegal or Kerry to take pictures, is like being in heaven! To later do some post processing work on the pictures and then get a print on fine art 100% cotton paper from the printer takes me back to the time when I first took a print from the chemical trays in the dark room in Griffith College and further back to when I was that little boy in Donegal collecting the black and white prints from the pharmacy. That is why I love my work. The ultimate joy for me then is to see one of my pictures hanging on the wall of somebody’s home.